Angus Carlyle


"The M23 Spin" [1 hour]

"Standing still for an hour with a microphone on the hard shoulder of the southbound M23 motorway".

"Guy Fawkes" [1 hour]

"Listening out over a foggy residential valley between 9.30 and 10.30 on November 5th, 2004".

"The Sea Swells Again" [3'46"]

"A series of recordings made within 50 metres of each other, starting very close to the surf on Brighton beach, passing some yacht masts clattering in the breeze and then ending up with two gulls circling a sheltered promenade. The recordings have been re-sequenced, looped and, at one point, processed".

“Going To The Dogs” [3'28"]

"A walk on an old drovers’ trail on the South Downs. The footsteps fall first on fresh snow, then on the leaves and branches of a woodland floor and then onto squelchy mud. The track ends with an unexpected encounter with some other visitors to this winter wood".


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