Barry Cullen

Barry has been playing with, and generally enjoying audio since whenever.

Boat builders (+ hair brained schemes) - with Paddy Bloomer and Nicky Keogh

Recorded at studios on Laurence St. Belfast, 4th May 2005 Paddy and Nicky will keep building the boat throughout the Summer. Barry will make a composition which will compliment the boat's acoustically tuned exhaust system.When it is finished, the boat will be going to Venice for this year's Biennale. Paddy and Nicky are sculptors, writers, and ramblers.

1 hour

Taxi journey along Falls and Shankill Roads, Belfast recorded 11th May 2005 - devised with Ciaran Maher

There are a lot of black taxis in Belfast. This recording features playback of two journeys in similar vehicles travelling through very similar/different areas of the city. The two journeys are played back in seperate speakers (hard panned). They are different lengths, so one speaker 'cuts out' before the other. These taxis are seldom used for personnal delivery, in that they travel set routes, stopping to pick up and drop off customers as they appear with their hands out at the side of the street. They hold up to six customers at a time, and are very cheap to travel in. The same taxi shapes can be seen in Spain, where the main black bodies usually feature yellow graphics, making them resemble bees. Shankill Road passenger - Barry Cullen Falls Road passenger - Grainne Maher. Grainne is a vocal artist and recently joined the parents' club.

9 min 44 sec

Recordings copyright dodgy stereo (Barry Cullen) 2005

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