Charlotte White

Invisible © 2001 13m18s
Invisible was made up of samples recorded whilst I was on an ERASMUS exchange to Lyon, France. This was my first composition, made using ProTools: all of the sounds were recorded by myself, mostly in Lyon. Different sounds were grouped and layered on top of each other to create a strange narrative.

Uncertainty © 2002 15m07s
Uncertainty is made up of samples recorded whilst I was an in-patient at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. I was there for just over 6 weeks and did a substantial amount of recording. With this piece I was attempting to construct rhythmic and melodic elements by using the existing beeps from the machines,and trying to find natural melodies within the intonations of speech. I was also starting to become interested in creating rules of composition by applying restrictions to my working methods which involved applying certain random functions in the decision-making process. Chance played its part.

Hamphire Sounds
ok © 2003 05m00s (samples only version)
Hampshire Sounds
ok © 2003 09m43s (full version)
ok was the result of a Millenium Award of £3561 I received in September of 2002. I invited members of the local community around Hampshire to 'nominate' sounds they hear in their environment. I then recorded these sounds and photographed the sound source. The recorded sounds were made up into a composition running alongside an instrumental part - the notes of which were derived from mapping data values from the images of the sound source to certain aspects of the musical sound e.g. pitch, duration etc.

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