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Radio Taxi was a genuinely live mix of locally originated programmes, music and a curated programme of sound art from all over the world, incorporating responses and contributions made by visitors to the studio during the broadcast weekends.

We would like to thank ALL those who took part in Radio Taxi - particularly Keith Jordan for his frog recordings, Semionaside for coming back and for his 'boy in the bubble' rendition, Cos Chapman for his variations and staying power, Jan for extreme hostessing, Jagosh - the ice cream man for publicity and Polish hip-hop, Oscar for waiting, Marge, Peg, Joyce and Tony for chatting, Alastair for listening, Thomas Sugg for singing, Stan Downing for reading, Martin Campbell for his stories and energy, Peter for counting, Kay Goodridge for feedback, Holly for patience and milkshakes and everyone who listened - thank you!

Kirsten Lavers, cris cheek and Simon Keep


Coleridge Community College Simon Keep Kirsten Lavers
Matthew Webb Karl Hartland Cos
Club Global Elspeth Owen Keith Jordan
Nick Dominguez Ank Rigelsford Radio Taxi Club
Martin Campbell Anya Lewin Rona Lee
Matt Rogalsky Breige Convery Andrew Brown
Susanne Jasilek Chris Goode Angelo di Cintio
Zoe Lee Ciaran Maher Barry Cullen
Charlotte White Aggtelek My Fun
Milgram Philip Wincolmlee Barnes Martin Clarke
Jean Routhier Dale Berning Zara Morris
Lawrence English mimic mass Barbara Dean
Donald Bousted Angus Carlyle Pete Hindle
Cynthia Whelan Paul D. Stevens Christopher Holtom
Steve Williams johnny dbini Neil Martin Adrian Wilkins
Dave Handford Eldad Tsabary James Huckle James Saunders
Ailie Rutherford Brenna Jensen Hester Reeve K Michael Weaver
Rupert Mallin arfan munir ezra rai Hugo Danino DJ Fried Pudding
Zbyszek Gozdecki Philip Gardner Duncan Whitley Karin Dolk
Christian Langheinrich jUStin!katKO Wendy Thomas TNWK
Paula Dolan thunderbolt Charles Bernstein Jo Roberts
Axel Minet Joyce Abram Daedalus semeionaside
vacuum on vacuum Michael O'Neill Peter Manson Exit Strategy
Janek Schaefer      

listen to the online archive

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Monitoring and Recording


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