Elspeth Owen

Elspeth Owen’s most familiar material is clay and her ceramic work has been widely shown in this country and in Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA and Wales. Her work has been described as ‘odd...yet enjoyable,exhilarating, absurd and contemplative (Gillian Beer), ‘more anarchic and rougher’(Tanya Harrod) and ‘a lyrical sobotage of the conventional’(Edmund de Waal). Since the time of the Women’s Peace Camp at Greenham Common, Elspeth has been interested in moving aside from making finished objects and into work where the passage of time, the live process is a key element. Long distance walking and the finding of temporary shelter have inspired photographic and performance experiments and collaborations.

In November 2003, Elspeth Owen, (adopting the persona/character of Material Woman) was literally 'in residence’ at Taxi Gallery for three weeks, and during this time she gradually transformed the taxi into her temporary home 'caparissonning' it with materials, things, substances, fabrics, stuff, threads, patches ... many of which were donated by visitors as well as sent to her through the post.

Elspeth has recorded a Listening Life programme for Radio Taxi.


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