Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy is a collaborative partnership between two theatre artists, Theron Schmidt and Chris Goode. They are currently working across various media on a series of 'crowd studies', of which BROKEN HOME is the second. Exit Strategy are recipients of an Artsadmin Artists' Bursary.

BROKEN HOME is a sound piece consisting of a ‘theme’, or base statement, and four ‘variations’ or recontextualisations.
All of the five sections can be treated separately and used independently.
The base theme [track 1] was created by recording Microsoft Sam (the speech synthesizer bundled with Windows XP] saying the word ‘home’. This was then timestretched to 250x its original length, to a new duration of almost six minutes. The word ‘home’ is broken apart into its constituents, and is no longer recognizeable as a word but only as a series of abstract sounds.
For the first variation [track 2] the theme signal is subjected to a number of filter processes, most of which have the effect of further degrading the original material. This track is recorded as live.
For the second variation [track 3] Theron Schmidt agreed to record a live narration of the last few minutes of his journey home, ending with his arrival back at his flat. Three such recordings were made, on three different days, and these are overlaid onto the base theme.
The third variation [track 4] uses as an overlay a collage from field recordings made by Exit Strategy at the Trafalgar Square rally of 19 March 2005, organised by the Stop the War Coalition under the slogan ‘Bring Our Troops Home’.
The fourth variation [track 5] is a remix / conflation of the first three.
Different connotations of the word ‘home’ come in and out of focus in this piece; finally, in the fourth variation, they compete for prominence in a densely crowded sound field. The final slamming door becomes a deeply ambivalent comment on the idea of home as refuge, as a controllable zone, and as an apparent fixed hiatus in the prosecution of public life.

email: chris_goode@graffiti.net

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