Hester Reeve (HRH.the)

"Diatribe on the Ebb of our Estate"

"Diatribe on the Ebb of our Estate" was an ad lib recording made during midnight-sunrise at Castlerigg Stone circle,the Lake District UK (2000). I had been invited to perform at an international conference "Between Nature" but felt it impossible to 'place' my relationship to nature at the scheduled '10.30 am on a Saturday morning within a university campus venue.'Hence I went to the 'proverbial' human-nature site away from everyone - not because I believed in the power of stone circles but because I felt they constituted a site of some authentic 'beginning.' I felt it was time to resist any theatricalisation or any occularcentrism in regard to the human-nature relationship and instead chose, as some kind of honest beginning, to 'rant' in the dark in the middle of 'nowhere' about the impossibility of performing nature.

55 min 35 sec

Further details about the conerns of this performance can be viewed at: http://greenmuseum.org/c/enterchange/artists/reeve/

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