Jan Cain

Jan Cain, writer, was born in 1961; two months after the first episode of Coronation Street; two years before the first episode of Dr Who; the same year Dr Scholl invented the exercise sandal, and the first Cranks wholefood restaurant opened in Carnaby Street. All of which makes her the same age as Ski yoghurts, the Afro hairdo, and the Kodak Carousel slide projector. She originally comes from Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester. Since then she has ping-ponged all over the place, from Stockport to South Street Seaport, in search of a purpose beyond a paypacket. Jan has loved and lost an assortment of cats, and is still waiting to meet her soulmate.


An audio work created specifically for the launch of Taxi Gallery.
Jan Cain took a £20 trip around London in a Black Cab and recorded 'Ride' live during the journey. The resulting monologue is a rollercoaster of memories and musings on chance, heaven, public loos, the merits of a Starbuck's cappuccino, celebrity meetings, broken hearts, scary movies...... Evocative, amusing and poignant, 'Ride' will have you laughing and crying by turns.

20 mins

Bowie at the Beeb

a heartfelt (if amateurish) appreciation of the genius that is mr david bowie complete with musical (?) interludes


Jan is supporting Radio Taxi as studio assistant and will also be presenting her Listening Life programme live.


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