Jean Routhier

Jean Routhier is a soundcrafter producing urban audio folklore since the early 90's. His works are a patchwork of influences and intuitions, similar to his cooking technique.

field recording,1hr:(for Night On Earth programme)
Made at dusk in an industrial area near a crow's roost. The location is bordered by two highways in Burnaby, on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

recreational interference
duration: 11:02
year: 2004
Music for a for low-power radio broadcast to accompany a soundwalk in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

ethereal interference (music for a soundwalk at Willow farm)
duration: 7:47
year: 2004
composer: Jean Routhier
other credits: Alcvin Ramos(flute), Wendy Humphreys(voice)
Music for a low-power radio transmission during a soundwalk I lead, aerial in hand and radio transmitter in tow, on a nursery farm in the town of Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada. Radio receivers were dotted along the forest's path followed by the group, weaving in and out of range.

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