Martin Clarke

Martin Clarke (1978, Aberdeen) is a composer and filmmaker from the Shetland Isles currently studying toward a PhD in composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham. His work focuses on the abstract possibilities of environmental material and has been performed internationally.

Postcards from Siberia

A journey from Poland to Mongolia, in the summer of 2003, on the trans-Siberian railway. Armed with my minidisc recorder and microphone, I intended to record the entire trip and returned with hours of material. What I noticed along the course of the journey, though, was the gradual disappearance of sound the further east I went; so much of what I recorded in the latter part of the trip was merely the sound of the equipment and the odd breeze. The piece is an attempt to capture that dynamic change as well as to document the event.

Study on Corpus Christi

documents the celebrating of Corpus Christi in Gdansk, Poland in June 2003. It is unprocessed apart from slight EQ.

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