mimic mass

mimic mass are a new-media performance group based in Melbourne, Australia. Utilising projection, three voices, live-vocal processing and minimal beat programming they produce fractured character-based narrative material. Forging relationships between physical performance space and the constructed world of projected images, mimic mass have developed a new form of storytelling. Neither literal nor abstract, sound and image come together and dissipate in a continual cycle of transitory and recalled moments. mimic mass have had work published on the Australasian Computer Music Association (ACMA) 2004 compilation and the Liquid Architecture 5 artist catalogue. They perform regularly at media arts festivals and galleries around Australia.

accident report accompanies a film and is set in the back of a taxi It is based loosely around obsessions with time in relation to traffic and desires to break out of patterns we sometimes impose upon ourselves.

sudden red collapse is created in relation to the Japanese animation Akira.

a walked on rug uses Tarkovsky's film the Sacrifice as it's inspiration.

email: mimic mass

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