Nick Dominguez

Nick Dominguez lives in Cambridge. For 9 years Nick was homeless, sleeping rough in London, Canterbury and Cambridge. Nick has written a book about his experiences on the streets and for Radio Taxi has recorded a reading of the following chapters:

London Calling

A french Chef (rough sleeper), a Sri Lankan asylum seeker, a Pakistani woman (rough sleeper) and her english boyfriend who are both on heroin and escaping from the woman's arranged marriage in Bradford. An IRA man (a rough sleeper) a Loyalist (rough sleeper).

Hitler's Legacy

Hitler's homelessness and time as a rough sleeper, tales from a Gulf War veteran regarding war crimes (former rough sleeper). a young woman of jewish origin (rough sleeper) and granddaughter of holocaust survivors who begs on the streets of Camden Town to finance her heroin habit, an Eritrean asylum seeker who works with London's homeless and her story. Two OAP's, one a veteran of Dunkirk and D-Day and his experiences in Berlin after the war and a veteran of 'The Battle of the Atlantic' and his tales of the Artic convoys and the exodus of european jews to Palestine after the War. A german student's experiences in England and his comments on football and questions about England.



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