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We have set out to provide a flavour of the live event that was Radio Taxi. Due to webspace limitations the archive does not include ALL of the submitted soundworks, many of which are available elsewhere on the web by following the links provided on the contributor's page of this website. We have however included all of the original programming made by the Radio Taxi core team, Taxi Gallery artists, Radio Taxi Club and a selection from the Night on Earth overnight schedule. Alongside these there are a number of recordings made during the live broadcast including the 7 live-in-studio sessions for the Listening Picnic, discussions on "chavs" and chats with Stanesfield Road neighbours in the cab. There's a lot here - do delve around the different sections.

The landmark recording of Rime of the Ancient Mariner voiced by the entire staff and student body of Coleridge Community College is now available for purchase as a high quality digipak CD package at so we have included just a short excerpt in this archive.

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Radio Taxi Live
- recordings made during the live broadcast of Radio Taxi
Friday 27th May 17.59 - 18.15 Radio Taxi's opening broadcast (16:00)
Radio Taxi's response to "that" frog tune (live mix) (30:21)
Cos Chapman presents a personal selection from the Cambridge Music scene (42:43)
DJ Skunk & Pete M live in the studio Saturday 28th May (2:35:00)
with Stan Downing (8:42)
with Joyce Abrams (excerpt) (15:35)
with Tony Chapman and Peg Bullen (Stanesfield Rd Neighbours) 40:09
on the decks, no chat, just some extraordinary sounds (1:44:03)
programme devised by Breige Convery (Taxi Gallery artist-in-residence in conversation with Kirsten Lavers) presenting a Northern Irish perspective on the Black Taxi. (1:07:56)
from Jimmy Possession - a delicious mix of Elspeth Owen's Listening Life Programme (2:33)
- Live studio discussion on "Chavs" (25:41)
Listening Picnic
- Sunday 29th May (Simon Keep's extraordinary vision for a live drive-in picnic )
live-in-the-studio - excerpt (33:00)
live-in-the-cab - excerpt followed by listener request (16:14)
live-from-the-filing-cabinet (44:02)
live-in-the-studio - on his knees (49:53)
live-in-the-back-room (42:35)
live-in-the-studio - with intro from the milkshake maids (37:47)
edit by Simon Keep (2:11:12)
Listening Lives
- Radio Taxi's take on Desert Island Discs
Falklands War veteran and Head of English at Coleridge Community College (1:49:27)
Care-Taker/Curator of Taxi Gallery (1:04:35)
Poet/Writer based in Lowestoft, Suffolk (42:26)
Poet and core member of Radio Taxi team - presented live (1:53:01)
Station Manager 209Radio (57:17)
Potter and artist living in Cambridge (56:03)
Artist-in-Residence at Taxi Gallery (1:00:51)
Musician living in Cambridge (2:14:43)
Writer and Radio Taxi's hostess - presented live (1:02:48)
Stanesfield Rd Neighbour (1:40:00)
Radio Taxi Idents
- selection of idents (jingles) created for the Radio Taxi broadcast
Josh Abbott (0:39)
cris cheek (0:39)
Jess High-Parcell & Emma Beecroft (0:06)
cris cheek (0:33)
Anthony Edwards & Liam Taylor (0:12)
cris cheek (0:20)
Radio Taxi Club (1:06)
cris cheek (0:13)
Marcus Nightingale (0:19)
Radio Taxi Club Projects
- selection from the massive input of the Radio Taxi Club (8 students from Coleridge Community College)
- a spin on the I am Spartacus scene from the film 'Spartacus' (1:49)
- Radio Taxi Club talk about and play their two all time favourite music tracks (51:21)
- vox pop short created during the Radio Taxi first weekend (2:00)
- Live studio discussion on "Chavs" (25:41)
- made for broadcast on the FM range between the live weekends of Radio Taxi (20:14)
- recorded at Cambridge United Football Club Ground 7/05/05 (22:54)
Night On Earth
- selection from the overnight schedule of field recordings inspired by Jim Jarmusch's 'Night On Earth'
sonic map of the area around Taxi Gallery at dusk by TNWK (5:00)
Bury - Manchester recorded at dusk by TNWK (25:25)
binaural recording 9pm - 10pm by Angus Carlyle (1:00:29)
Lexington, Kentucky recording at 9pm - 10pm by Justin Katko (58:24)
around Taxi Gallery recorded by Kirsten Lavers (1:14:30)
Montreal 3am - 4am recorded by Eldad Tsabary (1:00:09)
late evening covert recording by Matt Webb (41:58)
Cambridge recorded by TNWK (44:47)
midnight, New Year's Eve recorded by Simon Keep (09:32)
Brisbane, Austrailia recorded by Brenna Jensen (01:01:53)
The El Albaicin, Granada recorded by Zoe Lee (48:58)
Belfast - recorded by Barry Cullen (01:00:13)
Castlerigg Stone Circle 2000 recorded by Hester Reeve (55:47)
Normandy, France recorded by Simon Keep (20:21)
- recordings of Taxi Journeys
recording by Adrian Wilkins of one of the worlds great taxi rides, a cycle-rickshaw journey through the streets of Old Delhi (45:50)
recording of a taxi journey to the airport with my brother-in-law and his mates on the way to his stag weekend.... - [good luck Ed] by Janek Schaefer (36:57)
reason for journey: just for Radio Taxi recording, for talking bizzare things, to pick up people from one place to another, to meet in taxi...Zbyszek Gozdecki & Pamela Wells (24:38)
Hugo Danino (14:39)
Hugo Danino (15:03)
binaural recording by Ciaran Maher and Barry Cullen (09:46)
Katharine Norman (4:59)
rare recording of Bob Dylan and John Lennon chatting in a Taxi (07:56)
Neil Martin (16:28)
Taxi Gallery
- soundworks by artists who have supported or exhibited @ Taxi Gallery
Jan Cain
Ride - an audio work created specifically for the launch of Taxi Gallery (18:09)
Bowie @ the Beeb - a heartfelt (if amateurish) appreciation of the genius that is mr david bowie complete with musical (?) interludes (1:02:11)
Caroline Bergvall
Ride (4:41)
Via (10:00)
Rupert Mallin
reading of Rant Score - exhibited on a scrolling LED board in Taxi Gallery (10:59)
far from silicon fen - soundtrack of web image/text portrait of "Silicon Fen" (10:07)
Breige Convery
Final Score (8:31)
Anya Lewin
Taxi Noir Slap Red 1 - soundtrack of videoworks for Taxi Gallery (2:18)
  Taxi Noir Slap Red 2 (2:12)
  Taxi Noir Slap Red 3 (2:29)
K M Weaver
Ear Witness to Good Neighbours (1:01:28)
Helen Stratford
Extended Thresholds - notes made during a one day residency in a Cambridge Taxi (15:01)
Piers Hugill
Water - created during the second weekend of Radio Taxi
Upstream - re-working of Water
Rona Lee
H.A.P.P.Y I - reworking of the sunday school favourite as part of a Taxi Gallery installation (15:59)
Simon Keep & Calim Renton
a series of short pieces made especially for Radio Taxi using recordings made in the area
cats (00:33)
gardens (01:23)
keeping tabs (02:15)
neighbourhood watch 1 (00:39)
neighbourhood watch 2 (01:14)
School Projects
- works made within Coleridge Community College involving pupils and staff
- voiced line by line by all puils and staff (extract) (6:32)
- devised poem spoken in the 19 languages represented in the school and introduced by Martin Campbell (08:29)
- recorded by Simon Keep (04:43)
- including recordings made by pupils & edited by Simon Keep (07:09)
- including recordings made by pupils & edited by Simon Keep (10:40)
- including recordings made by pupils & edited by Simon Keep (09:19)
- including recordings made by pupils & edited by Simon Keep (04:08)
- recordings by Radio Taxi club & edited by Simon Keep (04:03)
- recorded and edited by Kirsten Lavers (02:17)
- recordings by Radio Taxi club & edited by Simon Keep (02:28)
- recordings by Radio Taxi club & edited by Simon Keep (02:41)
- programmes made by the school mag club with Ben Carr
Downloading (03:46)
Gaming And Girls (02:52)
Unpleasant Sounds - a survey (04:09)


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