Zbyszek Gozdecki

melodic, ordinary, like flapjacks, not concentric, slow

Does the smell of chocolate make your latex skirt? 24' 34"

-date of journey: 12.05.2005
-start time: about 20:30 (GMT +1h)
-duration: in real – about 43 min
-taxi company: Wawa Corporation tel. 9644
-prices: 1,5 zl per kilometre + 6 zl for Fiat Multipla for 5 person
-starred: Pamela Wells, Zosia Mioduszewska, Ania Bas, Ola Fafinska, Dominik Skrzypkowski, Zbyszek Gozdecki and silent driver.
-recorded and edited by Zbyszek Gozdecki
-idea of editing: Pamela Wells and Zbyszek Gozdecki
-who payed for it: X=P
-how much: 51 zl (about 8,5 pounds)
-we started from Meissnera 6 street, ride by Saska, Most Poniatowskiego, Nowy Swiat, Chlodna 25, Inflancka and Chlodna again (and finish)
-Reason of Journey: just for Radio Taxi recording, for talking bizzare things, to pick up people from one place to another, to meet in taxi...


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