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Radio Taxi was a genuinely live mix of locally originated programmes, music and sound art from all over the world, incorporating responses and contributions made by visitors to the studio during the broadcast weekends. Therefore we deliberately chose not to give specific times when programmes were due to be broadcast. HOWEVER the following details provide a broad indication of the thematic content/focus at different times over the weekend 27 May - 31 May.

6pm - Midnight 27 May
RADIO TAXI specific with works created in collaboration with Coleridge Community College and from artists who have made sound works previously for Taxi Gallery or on a TAXI or RADIO theme.
Midnight - 8am 27/28 May

NIGHT ON EARTH PROGRAMME - with thanks to Jim Jarmusch

Taxi journeys and field recordings made at night in specific places all over the world including: Brisbane, Dehli, M23, Cambridge, London, Warsaw, Montreal and Mexico City.

8am - midday 28 May the everyday, popular culture and neighbourhood
Midday - 6pm 28 May liveness, sport and games
6pm - Midnight 28 May including live DJ sets from DJ Skunk and Cos (Robert Chapman)
Midnight - 8am 28/29 May NIGHT ON EARTH PROGRAMME - with thanks to Jim Jarmusch (as above)
8am - midday 29 May forms of worship
midday - 6pm 29 May sound journeys and place
6pm - Midnight 29 May listening, sound experiments, the boundary between sound and noise including live-in-the-studio improvisations and drive-in listening event in the Scout Hut field next to Taxi Gallery - bring a picnic and car /transistor radio, soft drinks will be served.
Midnight - 8am 29/30 May NIGHT ON EARTH PROGRAMME - with thanks to Jim Jarmusch (as above)
8am - midday 30 May politics, histories, community "issues"
Midday - 6pm 30 May conversation and communication
6pm - midnight 30 May live in-studio debate on the future potentials for community radio, politics of access + live DJ set from DJ Fried Pudding
Midnight - 6am 30/31 May NIGHT ON EARTH PROGRAMME - with thanks to Jim Jarmusch (as above)

REMIX WEEKEND SCHEDULE 6pm 3 June - Midnight 5 June

This is an approximate schedule since Radio Taxi continued to be open to requests, studio improvisation and live interventions throughout the weekend. We selected what we considered to be the highlights of the previous weekend's broadcast. We repeated many of the live in-the-studio discussions and conversations as well as the pre-recorded listening lives and submitted works.

6pm - Midnight 3 June

A selection of programmes made by or with or in Coleridge Community College including:
The landmark recording of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner featuring the voices of all the pupils and staff.
A Neighbourhood poem translated into the 17 languages spoken fluently in the school.
Listening Life programmes recorded by Kirsten Lavers (Taxi Gallery) Karl Hartland (209radio) and our Radio Club's Suite Sixteen selections.
+ Interventions from the Radio Taxi Club.

+ works by: Tom Leonard, Caroline Bergvall, Chris Goode, Angelo di Cintio and Karin Dolk.

Midnight - 8am 4 June

Some of our favourite Night on Earth and Taxi journey recordings including: the Radio Taxi studio on Saturday 27th May, a walk through Cambridge at midnight, boat building in Belfast, deep night in an armed compound in Bagamoya - Tanzania, a walk through Zanzibar, the Parc du Portugal in Montreal 2.46am - 3.46am, a taxi jouney through the streets of Dehli, sound works by Hester Reeve, Justin Katko and Dedalus, concluding with a Stanesfield Rd Dawn Chorus.

8am - 1.30pm 4 June

Listening Life programmes recorded by: Keith Jordan (Abbey Action) Ank Rigelsford (Curate at Christ the Redeemer) and Kay Goodridge (photographer living in Fen Ditton).
Ear Witness to Good Neighbours by KM Weaver - a dip into the record collection of Roy and John Cox of Ditton Fields.
In studio conversation with Joyce Abram.
In studio conversation with Tony Chapman and Peg Bullen (Stanesfield Rd neighbours)
The Bricklayer's Arms - by Charles Bernstein.
Sound recordings made in the area of the fish chip van, rubbish collection, remote control cars and birds singing on the common and a dusk walk.

1.30pm - 6pm 4 June

Listening Life programmes by Martin Campbell (Head of English, Coleridge Community College) and Rupert Mallin (a poet living and working in Lowestoft, Suffolk)

Works by Ciaran Maher, Breige Convery, Janek Schaefer, Randolph Healey - all relating in some way to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Also works on a sport theme by Simon Keep, Natasha Morris and Tom Leonard

6pm - Midnight 4 June

Translating the war-code interceptions by Justin Katko

Adjunct by Peter Manson

The now famous ‘Frogs’ studio mix with Keith Jordan’s recording of frogs in a pond on Mill Rd mixed by cris cheek and Karl Hartland.

Free-style studio improvisation from DJ Fried Pudding and the Radio Taxi studio team.

Bowie at the Beeb by Jan Cain.

Listening Life programme from Cos Chapman.

9pm – 10pm : WATER a talk-radio programme in which Piers Hugill asked people to call in and describe their first memories, associations and feelings about water as element, geographical and environmental feature or idea.

Midnight - 8am 5 June


Some of our favourite Night on Earth and Taxi journey recordings including: the Metro from Bury into Manchester, telephone conversations recorded courtesy of a Channel 5 glitch whereby mobile phone calls in the neighbouring house were being transmitted thru the TV, taxi journey through Warsaw, the M23, Guy Fawkes night, Dinner in Granada, a Swiss mountain at midnight, rainstorm in Brisbane, Dawn Chorus in Walton-on-the-Thames and an early morning stag weekend taxi journey.....

8am - midday 5 June

A gentle wake-up mix by DJ Johnny d'Bini

Homage to a Hen by Cynthia Whelan accompanied by breakfast (with fried eggs and the papers) in the taxi.

Listening Life programmes by Elspeth Owen and Breige Convery

Works by: Barbara Dean, Rona Lee, arfan ezra munir, mimic mass, Matt Rogalsky, Martin Clarke, TNWK, Sebastiane Hegarty, Paul Stevens and Paula Dolan.

midday - 6pm 5 June

1pm The Rob and Gary Show
Radio Taxi joined for local news, interviews, health + lifestyle chat... aided by comic co-host Gary, Rob Coleman presents this overview of events and life in Cambridge.

3pm - chat with Marge Flemans and Peg Bullen (neighbours)in the Taxi with Kirsten Lavers

Works by Anya Lewin, Talking Birds, Rupert Mallin, Duncan Whitley, Steve Williams, Katharine Norman.

an excerpt from Matthew Webb's programme with his Mum Wendy Taylor.

cris cheek's Listening Life Programme

6pm - Midnight 5 June

6 pm – 7pm : UPSTREAM
a text-sound composition mixed by Piers Hugill from the recordings of contributions made for the WATER programmme, including other environmental recordings.

a remix from last Saturday/Sunday's In-Studio sessions:

Club Global
Dale Brenning
Vizier of Damascus
Cos Chapman
DJ Fried Pudding

+ live music and interventions in the studio whilst we enjoyed our Closing Party >?!%£*&!?"

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