Simon Keep

Simon Keep works as a sound designer, composing soundtracks for short films and moving image, he regularly works with the BBC, Intro, and Why Not Associates.
As a sound artist Simon researches ways of listening and working with issues of noise pollution and silence, encouraging conscious listening and the idea of letting hearing become the dominant sense. Simon's work includes engaging people with sound and documenting their responses to the local sound environment. He is currently collecting sound samples from places of extreme or apparent silence and stillness.
Two CDs of Simon's work have been released, One on Expanding (UK) and another on Sub Rosa (Belgium).

New works in response to collaborating with Radio Taxi
Simon has been documenting the soundscape of Coleridge Community College. By making recordings with the students he is mapping out the sound identity of the school. This involves recording with electro magnetic microphones collecting the hidden electrical sounds in and around the school such as computers, electricity and networks.
They took their microphones on audio walks around the school recording the environmental sounds of the schools rooms and corridors. Students described their favourite and least favourite sounds.
Simon and the club members conducted sound experiments, including making and destroying microphones with the school science technician, by dipping them in acid, boiling them and flushing them down the toilet. Other microphones were sent off in helium balloons, and some strapped to the front of bikes and ridden through different terrains. The collections of sounds will be edited into short compositions and transmitted on Radio Taxi.

The idea is to create sound tracks to suit peoples' everyday actions and situations, in the context of where people would usually listen to the radio. This will include different places and times of day, for example, a sound track for driving home late at night, or for eating your breakfast and reading the paper to on a Sunday morning.

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