Zoe Lee

All Journeys included, have been undertaken with my folding bicycle, i'm not sure where it's all going but hey?!.... Next trip is to Marrakech in June, i will be making some sound recordings while i'm there.

Works for the Night On Earth programme:

From the Pier Head to Woodside via Seacombe 2005
Liverpool ferry crossing 17.15hrs
18.56 mins

This is a well known journey made from Liverpool to Birkenhead on the ferry.  I was visiting family, and had my bike with me, so it was easier to go by boat.  I have made this journey many times before, although not for many years.  The ferry still provides a regular commuter service for passengers Monday to Friday.  At the weekends however, it becomes a tourist attraction, looping the sounds of Gerry and the Pacemakers,  ‘’Ferry ‘cross the Mersey’’ .
Dinner in the Albaicin, Granada 2004
Street sounds from pavement café late summer evening 21.00hrs
48.50 mins

Unedited field recording made last summer in Granada, Spain.  In the evenings local men and women would come to sit in the square, young and old together.  Visitors would sit and eat and drink in the pavement cafes and restaurants.  A visiting musician can be heard playing.
No. 38  Essex Road to Shaftsbury Avenue May 2005
Tuesday night 11pm, en route to the west end. 

Bus no.38 is an old route master bus, soon to be taken out of service.  The sound of the bell, the conductor whistling and the loud call for Oxford Street, soon to sounds from the past.

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